Teardrop is a Nu/Alternative metal band formed at 2003 in Seoul, South Korea. Guitarist Jose Kim and Drummer Yang Junmo formed the band in 2002. After that Vocal Kim Jaeheon, Guitar Cho Hanbit and Bass Lee Hangkang joined the band. Teardrop started playing gigs around Hongik University area which was popular for all bands in South Korea.  2006 first EP "Teardrop" released and they earned many prizes in local band competitions. Many years after, 2014, their first full length album "Wish" released. They had many big rock festivals in 2014 and 2015, "Greenplugged Festival".  In 2014, There was a member change in the band. 3 Original members got out and it was filled in by professional artists. 


2016, their 2nd full length album "Plan Z" released and they continued playing gigs in many local area in Seoul. Especially, "Plan Z" album was released in all countries include U.S. Many fans can now easily get the new album by Apple Music, Google Music, Amazon, etc.


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